RNs, LPNs, And CNAs…

They’re the backbone of any healthcare facility. QM Staffing Group can provide the flexible nursing staff you and your patients deserve.
We understand the importance of having immediate access to caring, experienced individuals when you need them. Our screening and onboarding processes ensure your practice or facility has access to qualified individuals.

QM Staffing Group Can Help You:

  • Raise the standard of healthcare delivery
  • Reduce the cost of onboarding and training
  • Prevent burnout from excess overtime and job stress
  • Keep up with spikes in demand

Service Options

Temporary and Per Diem: Keep your facility staffed at optimal levels. Prevent skill and care gaps while keeping staffing costs down.

Temporary-to-Hire: Evaluate one of our caring professionals for your facility to determine if they meet your standards before committing to a full-time hire.

We can help you keep your patients – and your bottom line – healthy.